P.C. Controllers Ltd

At P.C. Controllers Ltd we are committed to positively change the lives of of clients by delivering second to none services in a friendly environment.

We have over the past 2 decades being tested and trusted by our numerous clients and their testimonials speak for us.

As independent computer consultants, we offer clear and objective advice free of any bias.  It is our responsibility to ascertain the quality of any installation and safeguard our clients investments.  This approach affords our clients a great measure of control over the scope and direction of any project.   Click here to visit P.C. Controllers Ltd

Instant Funders

Instant Funders is an eCurrency exchange service providers that allows clients to buy perfect money into their accounts using Nigeria local currency. You can also sell perfect money to us.  Our service is primarily for Nigerians.

At Instant Funders, we are perfect money exchangers of repute and we pride ourselves to instantly fund perfect money account for both small and large orders efficiently. We do not delay, we fund your perfect money accounts instantly. Our numerous client testimonies speaks for us!  
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