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CAUTION!! You Are About To Take A Decision That Will Guarantee You A Lifetime Of Good Health And Financial Freedom

Now that there is global financial crisis, the stock market has fallen, the real estate is stifled, the economy is distressed and in recession.  Now that daily personal cost of living has doubled if not quadrupled, what business can you possibly do?, what is the way out of our daily financial mess?.

Well, let me introduce you to the business that I have been doing for over 10 years, a business with which I have been able to feed myself and my family, a business that have provided me enviable assets amongst other things.  Sometimes I just cannot imagine what life would have been like for me with today's economic realities if I had not taken the decision to be a Forever Business Owner 10 years ago. I sometimes marvel at my health status, the millions of Naira that would have been lost, the paid for international travels, my residual income opportunities amongst others that I would have lost.  These losses would been colossal and almost irrecoverable.  I just cannot recall how many network marketing companies have come and gone within my 10 years as a Forever Business Owner.  While my company continues to enjoy local and international growth expansions, some other network market companies are just collapsing.

So what business has given me this leverage to acquire these above enviable achievements within such a short time?.

My business is
"Forever Living Products (FLP) Business" perhaps you have never heard of it before or you have and have not taken a deeper look into the potentials of this business, then let me invite you for a FREE one day business opportunity presentation in which I and my other

Forever Business Owners

(FBOs) would demystify all your worries and answer the silent questions you might be asking yourself.  You may be asking why am I so passionate about this business, it is because my business boast of a very high Returns On Investment (ROI)?. One of the basic reasons why I am so passionate about this business is because IT IS 99% LOSS PROOF, 100% RECESSION PROOF! the remaining 1% is due to human error and I would show you how.

The beauty about Forever Living Products business is that, it is wrongly perceived as a difficult Multi Level Marketing (MLM) business, we have been lied to by self acclaimed gurus about the silent potentials of network marketing, yet network marketing is extremely lucrative and rewarding. In this business, if you follow the simple marketing plan you will forget about your financial worries, get good health, get ALL EXPENSES PAID foreign trips, own FREE personal luxury vehicles, share company profits and so on.

I am as sure as the sun would rise tomorrow that if you attend this business presentation you will make real good money.  I am a successful middle aged man with a great passion for helping people attain their goals in life.  Everyday I see around me able bodied people just wasting away with little or no hope for the future, this really baffles me why people are suffering so much in the midst of plenty.  I tell you, this is about the best time in human history to make easy money and forever forget about your financial worries.  The opportunities are just everywhere but you need discernment, God's direction to see and make use of these endless opportunities that abound.  My job at this time is to stir you up and show you one of the business opportunities that abound that would make you financially free.

But WAIT A MINUTE, I perceive you may be skeptical of this business opportunity I am presenting to you.

Good, that is why I am looking for you.

YES!.... I am looking for skeptics that I can turn into testifiers.

That's right. I am looking for someone who does not believe he can start a business, earn his yearly income within weeks, travel abroad with all expenses paid, own and drive luxurious vehicles, change his economic status and most importantly be in good health within few weeks.  Remember health is wealth.


I am looking for somebody who would like to start or expand an already existing business, somebody who would make obscene money within few weeks.

I am looking for somebody that has failed in many previous business ventures and have not been able to figure out how to get going on in business and in life, someone who seems 'hopeless' about his current health and financial situations in life, someone who has sought or still seeking for non existing jobs for several years or who has loss his job to be my word of mouth advertiser to testify to my claims on this webpage if what I am saying is true or not.


But you may say, I do not belong to the above group...hmmm then why are you on this sales page and reading thus far?

I want you to know that over the years, I have demystified diverse money making opportunities via my trainings and I have successfully trained some of the well respected, self acclaimed today's mentors that you probably look up to.  So why go to the village when the king is here?

Perhaps you are wondering who is Olayinka Abiodun and why is he revealing his jealously guarded secrets?.  He is not "afraid" of competition?.  No, not at all, in my business there is no competition we all work together as a TEAM to achieve more.  You see it pains me to see able bodied young people undergo so much stress to make a living, some even involve themselves in criminalities to live a sub standard life, how their idleness is been used as devils workshop and other social vices.  You will agree with me examples abound in almost every sector in our country.

For over 20 years, helping people has always been a part of me so much so that I have personally mentored over 500 people and collectively trained over 5,000 people across the country also I have trained many successful trainers via my weekly radio and television programmes in my
"No hold barred seminars" that is greatly admired by my followers.  I have also built up a reputation for over-delivering and undercharging my loyal customers and they will attest to that.

Now Why should I believe you, listen to you, be a Forever Business Owner or join your TEAM?.

I want you to know that my FBO TEAM is one of the

highest earners in FLP business in Nigeria

, we are the first TEAM to produce a soaring manager in Africa.  Therefore joining our TEAM has already placed you at a vantage position to succeed as a FBO.  Don't forget success in network marketing is majorly a combination of your PERSONAL and TEAM EFFORTS, also joining our TEAM puts you at a pedestal to learn from the highest earners in FLP via webinars, exclusive family like whatsapp group chats wherein we are our brothers' keeper, FaceBook group, weekly in house TEAM members trainings, group events and so many more.  When you join our TEAM, you do not need to reinvent the wheel, just observe what TEAM members do, copy what the TEAM highest earners do and say and you succeed.  No more guesswork! Youíll get instant access to our top-secret strategies that you can duplicate and that will help you instantly grow as a FBO!  This alone is worth GOLD, so much so that other TEAMs are jealous and consistently wondering about our success strategies.  While some other TEAM members are even leaving their TEAMs to join us by restarting as new FBOs.

Why Forever Living Products?

Forever Living Products was founded in 1978 in Scottsdale Arizona by Rex Maughan.  Forever Living Products is the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of Aloe Vera products in the world including beehive products.  Forever Living Products trades in over 150 countries worldwide as a  Multi-Level Marketing Company with the best of safe, natural, and highly effective health products for all round healthy life. The company is cash rich and debt free.  So, whether your aim is simply to better your health, to start a career, or to have an additional stream of income, you are guaranteed of career satisfaction as you begin to create wealth and be healthy.

I want you to know that some of the things you have heard about Multi-Level Marketing from the styled gurus are false.  These network marketing gurus lied to you about Multi-Level Marketing MLM! Hereís the one thing they hoped you would NEVER find out about making residual income in network marketing!

If you will listen to Robert Kiyosaki who propounded that Your Network determines Your NetworthTake responsibility for your finance or take orders all your life.  You're either a master of money or a slave of it.  Then you will know that network marketing is one of the best income earners in recent time.

Signs to look out for in a good and stable network marketing company

To avoid the risk of choosing a wrong network marketing company, the following indicators should guide you in making a good choice in making and taking good decision(s)

Firstly you need to ask yourself is the network marketing company operating a pyramid scheme? Do they have tangible or physical products/services?
The quality of the products - are the company products/services proven to be effective with positive testimonials from past and present users.  Look for a market leader with a proven quality track record.
The number of years the company has been in business, a network marketing company with at least 10-15 years of business operation is more reliable. For instance Forever Living Products has been in business since 1978 with over 100s of internationally rated and certified products in health, beauty, weight management, wellness industry
International presence - A global company allows you to build your organization by sponsoring people in several countries across continents. Forever Living Products is presently in over 150 countries and still counting
Stable growth pattern - The company's sales records should show a stable growth pattern over the years, so that your business can also enjoy a stable and sustainable growth over the years
No demotion - look out for companies with no demotion penalty in their compensation plans when you are inactive. In Forever Living Products you do not lose your position in your inactive state, your attained position is for life. Once you have achieved certain level, you can remain at that level without been demoted.  A good marketing plan allows you to relax if you need to.
No pass-bys - The compensation plan should not allow for you to be left behind by people you sponsored into your network.  In Forever Living Products you are rewarded by the efforts of everyone in your network including yourself.  They do not pass you by
Multiple income opportunities  - you should have multiple ways to earn income
Generous bonus system - look out for companies with generous bonus system to you their distributor, ie what bonuses do they pay for their retail, wholesale products
  Extensive support system - your proposed network marketing company should have training and support materials, product logistics, internet support, administrative support to their distributors nationally and globally
Proven financial stability -  how financially stable and steady is the company's worth, solid growth is always the sign of a good network marketing company.  It is often helpful to look for the company's sales chart to view growth, sales figures and project future trends including the sales history of the company
Good marketing plan for distributors - how easy or complex is the marketing plan, how financially rewarding is the marketing plan to the company's distributors

If you are serious about becoming a Forever Living Products business owner like me, I want you to let go of everything else, do the below A, B, C and start your business RIGHT NOW.  My team size can only accommodate
100 Members  - But Only 47 available spaces remain !!!.  Grab yours now before they are all gone and before I remove this webpage!.  If you are one of the first 5 People to register and purchase products this week, youíll get a FREE Network Marketing training DVD!  Right at this moment there are thousands reading this webpage, If you keep doing what you are doing, you will get the same result.  Thatís why each moment you hesitate is another moment you will struggle with your wealth and health.  Thereís only a way path to achieve your long time dreams - and it is by doing the A, B, C below RIGHT NOW

A. Attend our FREE Forever Living Products business presentation meeting (if you are in Lagos) on anyday of the week notably on  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of your choice, Time : 10am - 12noon or as decided, Venue:
Given on request, send whatsapp to 08097015999 to request for venue.  If you are outside Lagos, venue details will be communicated to you.
B. Click here to register FOR FREE, then whatsapps your Full Name (As in ID card or passport), Email address, Location including town and Phone number to 08097015999
C. Purchase any Forever Living Products of your choice at discounted rate every time (at least 1-2 case credits).

Use the products, recommend the product to others, learn more about the FLP business on YouTube, learn about the marketing plan, compensations plan and start to promote your Forever Living Products business.  Start by inviting your prospect(s) for business presentation meetings, organise a product launch together with me.  Welcome to Forever Living Products big family, you are in the right team.

If you want to be relevant in today's business age.
Cancel or postpone every pre-planned appointments, even your own ceremony to attend this week's business presentation.  Fear not make that trip even if you are outside the state.

You have no justifiable reason(s) whatsoever to miss this business presentation.  What you will discover will surely amaze you and make you forget all the other irrelevant trainings (whether online or offline) that you are planning to attend or that you have attended.

Details on how to join Forever Living Products and become a business owner under my team :

Sponsor Surname: ABIODUN
Sponsor First Name: OLAYINKA
Sponsor ID: 234000199626
Phone Number: 234-8033235168
Sponsor Country: Nigeria

Click here to fill the online registration form. CLICK JOIN TO BE A FOREVER BUSINESS OWNER

Congratulations for taking this life changing decision to start a business as a Forever Living Products business owner.

However ...

If you walk passed this unique life changing business opportunity like some fellows who have been Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly do, do not blame me or anyone else.  Then you may have to remain an employee under those who took this business opportunity.  So "Why spend your life working to build someone else's dream, why not work to build your own" .... Rex Maughan CEO FLP International.

Plan your life, most people spend most time planning their vacation than planning their lives.  I want you to know that success doesn't happen by mistake but by a thing planned for as a result of calculated risk taken.  The difference between the rich and the poor is INFORMATION
When the poor gets INFORMATION they give excuses but when the rich gets information they take ACTION.  Distance between your dreams and Reality is ACTION.  Think and act now. MAKE THAT STEP NOW!.

In my own little way I have pointed you to one of the directions wherein lies your wealth and health.  So what do you do with this OPPORTUNITY? 
Make Easy Money NOW!
Stop Dreaming Of Starting A New Business - Rather Own An Existing Multi Million Dollars Business And Start Making Money NOW!

Start Your Own Business As A Forever Living Products Business Owner and Discover How To Make Repeated Monthly Income Greater Than Your Yearly Income Within Weeks - Guaranteed
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Serious enquiries only, No Q & A session, Please read and understand webpage content, ATTEND A BUSINESS PRESENTATION BEFORE CALLING
Note: Before you begin, if you're NOT 100% serious about making money as a Forver Living Products Business Owner.  DO NOT read another word.  Only read on if you plan to put into action, everything that you will be taught on this page, at the business presentation and thereafter.  If you fail to attend this FREE business presentation, you have a 90% chance of never being able to make more money this year. I want you to shame your detractors and your competitors who do not want you to know their secrets by reading every word herein, put them into use and attend the FREE business presentation(s).
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